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Fastcare’s goal is to address the three major barriers to healthcare in emerging markets through a unique model that addresses these challenges. These challenges are:
– Financial Barrier – daily wage earners who cannot afford traditional health insurance schemes or catastrophic out of pocket charges that is not under their current policy.
– Geographical – commuter costs and the inconvenience of long travel times to gain access to good healthcare.
– Psychological – reliance on self-medication or ignoring symptoms to avoid victim blaming and the feeling of not being worthy of modern healthcare.

Fastcare’s ultra-low subscription rate completely eliminates the financial barrier that limits access to healthcare for members of low income communities. With the facilities built in the communities, clients only have a short journey to make to receive medical attention. This initiates the journey into healthcare where we leverage the use of modern technology, well trained and motivated personnel and a friendly atmosphere in our facilities to ensure our patient’s dignity.


Our goal is to provide better, patient-centred care that creates pathways for communities to achieve better health outcomes at affordable rates.

Through our nation-leading prevention and cutting-edge treatment, we care for our members like no other healthcare organization. We leverage mobile money transactions to pay for health services where value is stored electronically and grants subscribers’ complete access to the services we provide and more. This enables the expansion of access to care to ultra-low-income earners, contributing to the attainment of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and sustainable development goals (SDG)3.

We improve service delivery by creating pathways from the community through to the highest level of care. Our model enables resource-constrained persons to mobilize funds for the quality care they would not have been able to afford.

Our Partners

We Believe in Building Partnerships Focused on Our Patients' Needs

Our partnerships are designed to multiply resources in the effective pursuit of our objective. Some of our key partnerships are with: